Football Moment that Left us Speech-Less.

Football is not short of breath-taking moments that have brought fans and spectators to their knees, with tears in their eyes, in happiness and soul-shattering disappointments. 

Watching your team win is always fun, but there is nothing more exhilarating than having no idea how a game will pan out and sitting on the edge of your seat. 

There is no guarantee when playing a game, no matter the odds or betting tips at the bookies. Here are some matches that surprised us all with their outcome.


FA Cup 1887 

Preston North End set an FA Cup record in 1887 with the biggest margin of victory, with a 26-0 win against Hyde Football Club. The team also set the record for…

  • Highest home score
  • Highest winning margin 
  • Highest aggregate score 

All of which are still in place.

Preston was the team to beat back then and won the 1889 FA cup without allowing in a single goal, making this huge win not out of the ordinary, but no less painful for Hyde FC, with 12 goals scored in the first half and 16 in the second half. Ouch.


Women’s World Cup 2007

Germanys women’s team opened the World Cup with a bang against Argentina. 

With an 11- 0 score at the end of the game, Germany started the Shanghai Women’s World Cup with a world record win.

Germany first goal was achieved by Argentina’s goalkeeper hitting the ball into her goal after only 12 minutes, setting Germany on their unstoppable stride to victory and Argentina’s sizable defeat with a 5-0 lead by the 29th minute.


Tottenham vs Arsenal 

Is there anything worse than losing to your biggest rival? 

Tottenham failed to beat any of the big-four clubs since 1993, and the Premier League 2010 didn’t seem to be handing in the direction of that changing. At half time, Arsenal was 2 – 0 up and seemingly had it in the bag.

Spurs did not let their history or Arsenals lead distract them from the win and saw Spurs score 3 goals in the second half of the game, ending the game winners and leaving Arsenal and spectators speechless.


Arsenal vs Liverpool

May 1989 saw Arsenal and Liverpool go head to head for the title in the final game of the season, Arsenal needed a two-goal win to take home the trophy. 

Two clear goals are all Arsenal needed to prevent Liverpool winning and go home with the title themselves, for the first time in 15 years. 

1 – 0 up, Arsenal became warry of Liverpool catching up and winning another title, as a few days earlier, they won the FA Cup, but not letting their worries get the better of them, 

Arsenal took home the title and send the fans home happy after sitting on the edge of their seats for 90 minutes.


Liverpool vs Chelsea 

In 2008, Chelsea was maintaining an 86-game streak, the longest unbeaten home streak in the English top flight. 

That was until Liverpool came along and ended their record-breaking streak. In October of 2008, Chelsea scored a home goal in the 11th minute and the game ended 1 – 0, with Liverpool beating the blue on their grounds, making it their first home loss since March 2004.



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