British Woman Revived by Doctors After Her Heart Stopped for 6 Hours

Ms Mash said she would not be put off hiking in the future

By the point rescuers reached the couple two hours later, Mash's physique temperature had dropped to 18 levels Celsius (64 Fahrenheit) and when she reached the hospital, she had no important indicators.

Similar to a heart-lung bypass machine, the ECMO has never been used in Spain for a resuscitation procedure, but by 9.45 pm, her body temperature had risen to 30C and the doctors tried again to revive her, using a defibrillator. "Amazing. It's like a miracle except that it's all because of the doctors", she advised Catalan broadcaster TV3.

Audrey Schoeman, 34, a British woman who lives in Barcelona, survived what doctors have called the longest cardiac arrest in the history of Spain while hiking with her husband last month. "It's an exceptional case in the world", physician Eduard Argudo advised reporters on Thursday.

Rohan quickly asked for an ambulance and Schoeman was taken to Vall d'Hebron Hospital in Barcelona, where she was treated by Dr. Jordi Riera, according to the BBC.

"She looked as though she was dead", Argudo said in a statement.

In this case, hypothermia actually helped her to survive. "I feel like a fraud for not being back at work".

Mr Argudo explained hypothermia had protected her body and brain from deteriorating while unconscious, despite also bringing her to the brink of death.

Doctors used a machine that removed her blood, infused it with oxygen and then reintroduced it into her body, according to the BBC.

If you're curious, the longest ever recorded cardiac arrest that resulted in a patient's complete return to normal was 6 hours 52 minutes, and also involved a young woman who suffered hypothermia after hiking in extremely cold conditions.

Yet, after 12 days of continued treatment and care, she was eventually released from the hospital with just a few minor complaints, such as sensitivity in her hands due to the hypothermia.

The medical team had prepared her husband for the possibility that she might experience brain damage when she woke up, but that dissipated when she was taken out of sedation two days after the rescue.

"We were very anxious about any neurological damage", Mr Argudo added.

Six hours later, after being rescued by helicopter, she was revived in the hospital.

"We were very anxious about any neurological damage", Argudo said, "given there are practically no cases of people who have had their heart stop for so long and been revived".

"It's like a miracle except it's all because of the doctors", she said.

She added: "I hope that in Spring we will be able to start hiking again".



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