Away CEO Korey resigns after abusive practice allegations

Away CEO Korey resigns after abusive practice allegations

Following The Verge's story, which depicted a working environment where Korey was known for criticizing representatives by means of Slack, Korey tweeted a week ago that she was "making things right" at the organization.

"At times, I expressed myself in ways that hurt the team". I'm not proud of my behavior in those moments, and I'm sincerely sorry for what I said and how I said it. "It was wrong, plain and simple."Away told The Wall Street Journal that the company has been searching for a new CEO since spring". "You could hear her typing, and also you knew something bad was going to happen", a former worker informed, as reported on December 5th.

On Monday, the travel brand announced that it is hiring Lululemon executive Stuart Haselden as the company's new CEO. Korey, one of many baggage brand's co-founders, might be changed with former Lululemon executive Stuart Haselden, although Korey will nonetheless proceed on as executive chairman.

The shake-up at Away comes after an investigation by The Verge turned up allegations of a toxic corporate culture perpetuated by Korey. Haselden is starting the position on January 13. Instead, they were expected to use the chat app Slack, where direct messaging was discouraged in favor of transparent channels. On Monday, Away made a big announcement, per Business Insider: Korey is out as CEO, though the company insists it had been looking for a new CEO as part of its plan for longer-term growth. But Away co-founder Jen Rubio acknowledged that The Verge article highlighted the harsh realities at the company. "In light of the article, it's been a hard few days for the company", the CEO added.

"What you read in the article doesn't reflect the company we want to be; and we will continue to work to improve", she wrote. The company said in a statement that Chief Technology Officer, Julie Averill and Chief Supply Chain Officer, Ted Dagnese will join the company's senior leadership team, reporting to the company's CEO Calvin McDonald effective immediately.



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