Apple today launches iPhone financing plan for Apple Card users

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The six percent savings will be delivered as Daily Cash in the Apple Wallet app, transferred to the Apple Cash card.

If you have an Apple Card, you can buy a new iPhone through that card and pay back the phone through 24-month monthly installments with 0% interest.

Four months after Apple launched its new credit card product Apple Card, the iPhone maker is now offering a financing plan that lets customers use the card to buy their next iPhone and pay for it in installments over two years, interest-free. But Apple says the 6% rate isn't contingent on using the card through Apple Pay.

The program works in the same fashion that current smartphone payment plans work, only instead of having to make a payment to a third-party service as is the case with Apple's current iPhone payment program, you manage your entire account directly from the Wallet app on your iPhone.

For the ultimate experience at an incredible price, the iPhone 11 Pro bundled with AirPods and Red Pocket's unlimited talk, text and data plan with 15GB at LTE speed costs just $80 monthly all-in.

The installments screen shows the total amount paid off so far, the remaining balance, the due date and amount of your next monthly installment, and a history of your monthly payments.

Although Apple also offers 3% cash back on purchases made on the iTunes Store and the App Store, these are not eligible for the double cash back offer, nor is the purchase of AppleCare+. But it applies to any Apple Store purchases - online and in-store - made through December 31. Get Daily Cash back.

If the Apple Card wasn't appealing enough for you before, the company is now offering 6 percent Daily Cash cash back if you decide to purchase new Apple products.



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