Apple finalizes acquisition of Intel's mobile modem division

Intel: Qualcomm To Blame For 5G Modem Sale To Apple

Combining the acquired patents for current and future wireless technology with Apple's existing portfolio, Apple will hold over 17,000 wireless technology patents, ranging from protocols for cellular standards to modem architecture and modem operation. In an official newsroom post Steven Rodgers, executive VP and general counsel at Intel said, "Intel fought for almost a decade to build a profitable modem chip business".

The deal covers only Intel's mobile modem department. However, it clarified it will remain in the 5G game for PC's and IOT devices.

"Despite investing billions of dollars, dedicating thousands of engineers to develop top-tier modem chips, and acquiring two modem businesses along the way, Intel could not surmount the artificial barriers to competition that Qualcomm erected", the submission said.

"These onerous, one-sided terms enable Qualcomm to artificially lower the price of its modems while simultaneously inflating customers' costs of using modem chips manufactured by competitors, like Intel, by charging royalties as large as the price of the modems themselves", said Rodgers. The company's executives have been testifying about the claim in court as part of the FTC's ongoing antitrust case against Qualcomm.

This is stated in court documents contesting Qualcomm's appeal of a US Court ruling from May 2019 that found that the company's licensing practices had "strangled" competition.

With the completion of the agreement, Apple, another chain of the supply chain used for its own products has taken over.

There are many different components that Apple has produced over time, ending external purchases.

It remains to be seen when Apple will release the first iPhone with its own modem, but given this is now a done deal, the company will most likely push for this project at full speed in the coming years. Apple is even rumored to be phasing out Intel CPUs in some of its computer programs, replacing them with the corporate's have ARM-basically based fully mostly processors. We will see the results of Apple's move in the coming days.



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