YouTuber and FaZe Member Jarvis Banned From Fortnite For Aimbotting

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In a video posted yesterday, November 3rd, Faze Jarvis announced that he'd been permanently banned from Fortnite.

That may all now come to an end.

It's a significant hit to him as he clarified in his video that Fortnite transformed himself since its discharge in 2017 and without it, he wasn't even certain what he'd do well at this point. While most players tend to get bans for giving themselves unfair advantages over others in order to get ahead competitively, Jarvis was using the software on a side account that has no association with the account he uses to stream and compete. You can see him sniping distant enemies in the Solos mode, with barely any aiming required. Using the infamous case of Damion "XXiF" and Ronald "Ronaldo" Mach as an example; they literally cheated with the intention of stealing money from honest competitors, received a two week ban and still qualified for the Fortnite World Cup.

Epic Games has handed a lifetime ban to Fortnite pro Jarvis "Jarvis" Kaye.

He added: "I just wish I had known how severe the consequences were at the time and I would have never thought about doing it".

"I'm not trying to find a quick road out but being banned forever is just - thinking about a lifetime ban - is just, I just didn't think this would happen".

Kaye also apologised to Epic Games.

Although he wasn't playing the game in competition mode at the time, Fortnite's terms a very clear when it comes to cheating and Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite, took swift and decisive action against the FaZe Clan member.

FaZe Jarvis, who says he has "devoted every hour" to master the game over the past two years, used a cheating software called "aimbots" in a friendly game he streamed live on YouTube. According to Jarvis, this permanent ban means he can no longer attend any Fortnite events in the future. Others have been permanently banned for using hacks, while some have been disqualified from tournaments for lesser crimes.

"He shouldn't have cheated, but yeah it's pretty harsh", KSI said.

The ban has divided the Fortnite community.

"Epic Games you know I know how big of a mistake I've made and I'm truly like so sorry".

It probably won't surprise you to hear that using cheat mods including aimbots in Fortnite is against the rules, and that Epic will ban you for it.

The hashtag #FreeJarvis has popped up on social media, but opinion is still divided on whether the permanent ban is deserved.



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