Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's new tournament doesn't mess around

Terry Bogard from the Fatal Fury series joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate today

Combined with the intensity of the one-on-one structure and exclusively Ω-form maps, this isn't a tournament for the casual Smash Bros. player - this is the one to decide who's the "fighting King". Ultimate Director Masahiro Sakurai for a roughly 45-minute video livestream featuring an in-depth look at upcoming DLC Fighter, Terry Bogard from the FATAL FURY series! Ultimate tournament, titled 'The Road to Becoming Fighting King, ' and it'll run for three days starting Friday.

The Battling with Terry Bogard live stream is expected to start at 1pm GMT on November 6.

Terry Bogard from the Fatal Fury series joins the battle. Ultimate is coming soon, which will include fighter adjustments, meaning that replay data from previous versions will be incompatible. Ultimate. This unique lineage means Terry plays unlike any other fighter on the roster, giving players new opportunities for creative expression through his unmistakable fighting flair.

Players who already own the Fighters Pass will receive Challenger Pack #4, including the King of Fighters Stadium stage, immediately.

To play as Terry, players must purchase his Challenger Pack ($6.99).

- Music tracks come from the entire SNK library, 50 songs included! Joker, Hero and Banjo & Kazooie are all available now, with Terry Bogard joining today.

Additional Mii Fighter Costumes added.



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