'Seinfeld' Actor Charles Levin's Death Revealed

Body of Seinfeld actor Charles Levin eaten by vultures

As per latest reports on the Seinfeld star Charles Levin, the actor who fell to death in OR was found partially eaten by the vultures in Grants Pass. The Seinfeld star Charles Levin's body found near a remote mountain area and now reports suggest that his body was partially eaten by the vultures.

What exactly happened no one knows, but it is thought that Charles Levin lost his way while driving through a back route to Grants Pass, where he lived.

Levin, who had appeared in USA sitcom Seinfeld, was found dead on 13 July near a remote mountain road after being reported missing by his son Jesse on 28 June.

Two weeks later, on July 13, Levin's body was found in a slope near the road, and police had to use ropes and pulleys just to get to the remains.

He was believed to have fallen down a ravine when he attempted to call for help. It would not be entirely wrong to guess that he was in a pretty bad auto accident, after which he fell down into the 30 feet deep ravine.

While Levin's head was still attached to his body at the time it was found, there was reportedly "significant decay around the mouth" exposing his jaw. His body is also attacked by turkey vultures whose marks have been spotted on his body.

The 70-year-old actor Charles Levin's vehicle was spotted at the ravine and the actor pet was also found to be dead inside the auto.

Levin was able to be identified through dental records with a coroner subsequently recording that his death was "accidental". The police had doubts that it could be Charles Levin, which was later confirmed.

Documents from the department revealed that Levin had been dead for days after discovering his body at the bottom of a 30-foot ravine.



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