Quest PC Connection Oculus Link Beta Software and Cable Specs Now Available

Oculus Quest Oculus Link

That feature is coming, with the Oculus Link software which is launching today in beta.

"Today, we're excited to share that Oculus Link software is rolling out in beta, so you can now enjoy AAA PC VR games like Asgard's Wrath and Stormland on Quest". While Oculus said that this card isn't supported at the moment, we didn't have any problems running games like Arizona Sunshine and Crow: The Legend through Oculus Link Beta. The Rift S is going to have more fidelity and better graphics, but the Quest is still going to provide a gaming experience worth playing.

Though no official sales figures have been released yet, there are reasons to believe that the Oculus Quest headset has been a massive hit with end users.

Oculus said the support pages that you must have "high-quality" USB 3 cables and computers that support the minimum requirements list, which is largely the same as that for a Rift S, including Intel or AMD 4590 i5- Ryzen 5 1500X processor or greater.

Oculus Link on Oculus Quest: a USB-C cable (seen here) can connect to a PC and play high-end VR games.

I was using a Razer Blade laptop with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card. We'll have links for that as they become available, for now, check out your local retailers like Best Buy, Fry's, and other stores that sell electronics. Oculus has, however, assured users that it is in the process of working with AMD in order to incorporate support for "as many of their cards as possible".

All it needs, if you're curious to try it, is a USB-C cable that can carry video as well as charge. To get started with the beta and test out your cables and your PC compatibility, it is pretty simple. Unfortunately, USB 2-based cables which now ship with the Quest headset are not compatible for Oculus Link so you will have to purchase a USB 3-based cable. This is capable through both the technology being deployed in the cable, the software update that comes with this, and the hardware that was already baked into the Quest upon release.

Oculus is also planning a 16-foot fiber-optic cable in some select regions which has been slated to arrive "later this year".

Not long ago, Oculus announced that its VR headset, Oculus Quest, will have PC support via VR cable. You'll be prompted to "Allow access to data", which you'll want to deny, and then you'll be asked if you want to "Enable Oculus Link (beta)". The Oculus Link's recommended PC specifications are similar to those of Rift S.



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