Hair of Bolivia mayor Patricia Arce forcibly cut by protesters

Police rescue Vinto mayor Patricia Arce Guzman on a motorcycle after people threw paint and dirt on her following a fire in Vinto's Town Hall in Quillacollo Bolivia on Nov. 6 2019

Since then, there have been widespread clashes between pro and anti-government protesters, with several deaths so far.

Bolivia's government slammed "shameful" violence that led to scores being injured and one killed on Wednesday in protests over the contentious presidential election last month, blaming clashes on the opposition as anger rises on both sides.

Ms Arce was also blamed for the reported death of one of the protesters.

Bolivia's President Evo Morales condemned the attack on Arce.

The incident unfolded in the Bolivian town of Vinto, where government protesters blocked off a bridge.

Rumours spread that two opposition protesters had been killed nearby in clashes with supporters of incumbent President, Evo Morales, prompting an angry group to march to the town hall.

In the city of Vindo on Thursday (local time), a mob stormed the municipal headquarters and dragged Mayor Patricia Arce into the street before setting the building ablaze. The woman was forced to resign on her knees after she was spray painted with red and subjected to hours of humiliation.

Masked protesters called Arce a murderer and dragged her for almost five kilometres before they cut off her hair and doused her with paint, local newspaper Los Tiempos reports.

In La Paz, anti-Morales protesters taunted the president by offering a letter of resignation and promised to continue their action until he leaves government.

Police rescue Vinto mayor Patricia Arce Guzman after people threw paint and dirt on her following a fire in Vinto's Town Hall, Quillacollo, Bolivia, November 6, 2019, in this image obtained from Los Tiempos Bolivia social media. Doctors mentioned Guzmán Vasquez had a fractured cranium that might maybe well furthermore had been precipitated by an explosive device. Bolivia's post-election clashes turn deadly as two are killed.

Stress has been running excessive since election evening when the outcomes depend became inexplicably paused for 24 hours.

The suspension prompted suspicions among supporters of opposition candidate Carlos Mesa that the result had been rigged to allow Morales, who has been in power since 2006 to stay on for another five years.

Opponents challenge the official result of October 20 elections that showed Morales winning by a margin big enough to avoid the need for a runoff against a united opposition. However, Mr Mesa has rejected the audit arguing that it was agreed without his or his party's input.

Morales has accused Mesa of staging a coup d'etat and supporters of all aspects devour squared off in La Paz and other cities.



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