Epic Games Responds To Ban of Popular Player

Epic Games responds to FaZe Jarvis Fortnite ban By Jimmy Russo

However, as Epic Games does not publish patch notes for Fortnite, players will discover these changes by themselves in a few days.

Jarvis has 2.05 million subs on his YouTube channel, which is predominantly full of Fortnite content. He is also part of the gaming esports organization FaZe Clan.

In a tearful video he posted Monday, the British teenager admitted to the offense of posting video in which he performed Fortnite utilizing aimbots, a software program insert-on that automatically aims a player's weapons in taking pictures game titles. It is a software program that rewrites the game's code.

Jarvis, 17, used the hack while playing a recreational game that he streamed to his followers - and the punishment reduced him to tears. He also enjoyed one hundred percent accuracy with every shot he fired. In the video, he talks about what he did and how he feels after the decision from Epic.

Since there's no official patch notes for the Harpoon, what I'm about to say is pure speculation, but apparently the gun can be found in chests, supply drops, and on the floor, and can be used up to 10 times before it's done.

United Kingdom 17-year-old Jarvis Kaye, more popularly known as "FaZe Jarvis", was banned from playing Fortnite when it emerged he had been using an "aimbot" while playing the wildly popular online game.

Barbara Khattri said her son Jarvis Kaye, known online as FaZe Jarvis, had been left in "despair" by the ban.

"He's broken. He loves that game".

A #FreeJarvis hashtag has been popping up all over social media since the ban was announced.

"When people use aimbots or other fraudulent technology to gain an unfair advantage, they ruin the game for people to play enough", said Epic. This would make it a little bit distinct to the situation of specialist Fortnite player XXiF, who acquired a short term ban for cheating but was nonetheless ready to compete in the Fortnite World Cup. Players expressed concerns that the bug may actually result in an account ban; Epic acknowledged it soon after it went viral on the FortniteBR subreddit, stating that it would investigate the issue.



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