Call of Duty's ridiculous shotgun has been nerfed

Modern Warfare 725 Nerf Details _ Shotgun fix update

As the industry continues to slowly pull away from loot boxes as a monetization scheme, more and more games are turning to battle or season pass systems as a way to increase income.

Additionally, Activision revealed that the new battle pass system is set to be implemented later this year in December. The company said the battle pass is actually arriving later than initially planned. Adjustments to the Operators' battle chatter, footstep audio, and a host of other tweaks to multiplayer should help players feel more confident to move around the maps.

Modern Warfare does feature the ability to change classes during a match, so you can adjust as you need, but having more preset classes would be useful.

All content that has an impact on the game, such as weapons and attachments, can be unlocked by playing the game.

That's not all though, if you can't wait till then for new content, two new multiplayer maps and the return of the Hardpoint Multiplayer mode are scheduled to return to the game today (8th November) as part of continued plans to have a constant stream of free content added in for players to enjoy.

Speaking of content, the company dropped an update earlier today to add a few things. The Krovnik Farmland map is coming to the big-team Ground War game mode while Shoot House will be added to the smaller multiplayer modes. There is also the Hardpoint game mode. The two new maps are a nice addition since the game's main criticism has been some of the maps, which are said to have bad spawns or are simply not fun to play on. The various other multiplayer modes are much of the same, but still acting as very welcome palate cleansers should you tire of one mode or another. Criticism of the portraits of the Russians, or the sometimes disturbing resemblance to real tragic events, have even earned Call of Duty: Modern Warfare some articles in the non-specialized press. It is basically a King of the Hill game mode where the point periodically changes locations throughout the map.



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