Both Tories and Labour pledge lavish borrowing

Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid is seen outside Downing Street in Lond

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said that Mr McDonnell's economic vision would resemble the 1945 Labour government and will "bring back investment, decency and equality within our society".

"That means change, real change, and it means investment on a scale never seen before in this country and certainly never seen before in the north and outside of London and the south east".

He said: 'To achieve that objective it also requires therefore an irreversible shift in the centre of gravity in political decision making as well as investment in this country from its location exclusively in London to be relocated to the North and regions and nations of our country'.

The Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell will outline plans to shift the centre of political decision making from London to the North, in a speech in his home city of Liverpool today.

Labour will lay out tax and spending plans in its fully costed manifesto, Mr McDonnell talked about.

Mr McDonnell added: 'This can mandate us to divulge an convey in the final balance sheet by the discontinue of the Parliament. So that when we invest in the infrastructure our country desperately needs, it's recognised both as a cost but also as a benefit.

'With the rents on our new council properties and the electricity produced by our public sector energy companies put aside against the price of servicing the debt issued to attract them.

'On this at the least there's nothing radical, factual normal sense'.

The cash would help upgrade schools, hospitals, care homes and council homes after years of cuts, he said.

But the Resolution Foundation report said that even if Labour won power and spent the sums it has pledged, public spending in Britain would still be smaller as a proportion of national output than that seen in France and Germany.

Mr McDonnell added: 'On the same time my Treasury ministerial meetings will no longer be exclusively in London.

Javid has a picture of free-market icon and former prime minister Margaret Thatcher on his office wall. The centre of gravity, of political gravity, is intelligent some distance off from London.

British finance minister Sajid Javid said a new Conservative government would spend up to 20 billion pounds ($25.7 billion) more each year on road, rail and other infrastructure projects, and there would be room for tax cuts too.

Javid, who said it was a responsible time to invest in the country, said he would keep a balanced current budget for day-to-day spending, but would borrow more to invest.

Under a third rule the framework would be reassessed if future borrowing costs rise significantly to above average.



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