Turkish-led forces taken Syrian border town

Turkish-backed Syrian opposition fighters from the Syrian National Army drive through the town of Akcakale Sanliurfa province southeastern Turkey on their way to cross the border to Tel Abyad Syria

Syrian Kurdish fighters of Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army enter Turkey from Syria to join fighting alongside Turkish forces against US-backed Kurds.

"He recognised Turkey's role at the forefront of the fight against Daesh and its generosity in supporting refugees who've fled the civil war in Syria". It marked the biggest gain made by Turkey since the invasion began Wednesday.

President Donald Trump has faced a firestorm of criticism for appearing to greenlight Turkey's offensive into northeastern Syria, which began after Trump ordered United States troops to pull back from the border. Trump has been criticized for "abandoning" the Kurds, who were U.S. allies in the fight against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS).

Ankara began its onslaught against the YPG militia, which it says is a terrorist group backing Kurdish rebels in Turkey, after Trump withdrew some USA troops there to support Kurdish forces in the fight against Islamic State.

Turkish-backed Syrian opposition fighters from the Syrian National Army, are driven through the town of Akcakale, Sanliurfa province. The invasion also has forced almost 100,000 people to flee their homes amid concerns that IS might take advantage of the chaos and try to rise again after its defeat in Syria earlier this year.

"The Turkish invasion is no longer threatening the revival of Daesh (Islamic State), rather it has revived it and activated its cells in Qamishli and Hasaka and all the other areas", SDF official Redur Xelil said, noting vehicle bombs in each of the cities in the last day. We are exclusively focused on fighting Turkish aggression and protecting our people from it.

Iran's call came on the fourth day of Turkey's offensive against the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia, which Turkey's Government believes has links to the PKK.

"Turkish interference in Arab countries" has been introduced as a permanent item on the agendas of all future ministerial meetings and a committee will be formed to follow-up on that measure. By standing aside and allowing Turkey's operation to move forward, "the Americans", said one Kurdish official, "have abandoned us to a Turkish massacre".

"Multiple former ISIS elements are present in the Turkish-backed jihadist forces now being transferred into Turkey to attack NE Syria".

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin takes a question from a reporter after announcing the threat of sanctions on Turkey in the Briefing Room of the White House.

Erdogan has dismissed the mounting condemnation of the operation and said on Friday evening that Turkey "will not stop it, no matter what anyone says".

During the capture of Ras al-Ayn's residential center, an Associated Press journalist across the border heard sporadic clashes as Turkish howitzers struck the town and Turkish jets screeched overhead. Syrian Kurdish forces appeared to be holding out in some areas of the town.

Although U.S. troops have been withdrawn from northeastern Syria, new Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley said Friday that the Turkish military had been given the exact locations of all U.S. forces in Syria and added that they have "the right to defend themselves".

Fighting on the Syrian border with Turkey has prevented the SDF from securing IS detention camps in areas under its control, senior official Redur Xelil said in a televised statement on Saturday.

Party officials including Khalaf have had contacts with USA officials since it was founded in 2018, he said. Rudaw's correspondent blamed Turkish forces for targeting Khalaf's vehicle, and Hawar blamed "Turkey's mercenaries".

Turkey has said that pact was never implemented.

Pro-Turkish Syrian fighters gather near the Turkish village of Akinci along the border with Syria on October 11, 2019.

In a statement issued Friday, Turkey's Defense Ministry said its troops had not fired on the Americans and were acting "in self-defense" after one of their border posts was attacked. The YPG is a main component of the SDF. Aid agencies have warned of a humanitarian crisis, with almost a half-million people at risk in north-eastern Syria.

Al Jazeera's Zeina Khodr reports from the Turkey-Syria border.

Boris Johnson has expressed "grave concern" about the situation in northern Syria, calling on Turkey to end its military operation in the area.

The foreign minister added that Turkish claims are just attempts to hide those facts, and that Arab people look forward to a strong Arab stance that rejects the aggression and to measures that ensure the territorial integrity of Syria, the protection of its people and the alleviation of their suffering.

Turkey's defence ministry said it "neutralized" 415 Syrian Kurdish fighters. The number could not be independently verified.



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