Tile's new object tracker can stick to nearly anything

The Tile Slim

You'll be able to buy it in two packs for £34.99. It employs a super-sticky adhesive that promises to keep it permanently attached (until you pry it loose) to just about anything. However, it is worth noting that unlike the batteries on Tile Pro and Mate, the battery is non-replaceable. It's a small, innocuous, water-resistant sticker roughly the size of three stacked quarters that'll let you track the whereabouts of anything. Waterproof with adhesive back and 3-year battery life, the Sticker provides long term convenience.

The redesign Tile Slim has adopted the much requested credit card proportions coming in at roughly the thickness of 2 credit cards.

The updated Mate and Pro models have extended range, enabling users to locate things faster no matter where they are. But despite its weight loss regime, the Tile Slim still boasts a longer 200-foot range and almost twice the volume of the previous Slim when you want to signal the beep to find your wallet beneath the sofa cushions. With improved findability, Tile is committed to greater peace of mind, at a time when the average person spends almost a year of their lifetime endlessly trying to locate misplaced valuables.

The new Tile Mate features the same 60-meter range. For $35, the high-end Tile Pro can track objects all the way up to 400 feet away.

Tile has grown significantly in Australia over the past year with an increase in retail presence, devices in the field, users walking the streets and lost items found with 9 out of 10 lost items found last year.

Smart Alerts works by pinging your smartphone if the app thinks you have left a Tile behind by accident. Once an item is marked as lost, if any member of the Tile Community spots the missing item, the owner is automatically notified with its location. It's a useful system, but can't stop you from locking yourself out - as I recently discovered. For those that like to move their Sticker around Tile will be selling replacement adhesive pads via their website for a nominal cost.

All of this adds up to a strong product catalogue for Tile going into 2020, and a year where it expects Apple's tanks to roll onto its lawn.

That isn't necessarily a bad thing, as the company has a strong range of products to cover the many needs of its users - along with integrating Tile tracking tech into headphones by Bose, Skullcandy and Sennheiser.

We don't know yet what Apple's entry into the market will mean for Tile, but right now we don't see a reason to ignore the market leader in favor of what might be.

Tile unveiled some new products today, including the new Tile Sticker, which is already being included in a bundle with a free Echo Dot.



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