Stalker suspect uses victim's pupil reflection to track her

Rutger Hauer, the Dutch actor who played replicant Roy Batty in Blade Runner

Hibiki Sato, 26, started picking up clues from a train station reflected in J-pop star Ena Matsuoka's eyes, which reportedly came from a photo that she had posted on social media.

An obsessive stalker has sexually assaulted a Japanese pop star after he tracked her down from a selfie she posted online.

The case has prompted debate about the threat of cyber-stalking.

Police say Hibiki Sato matched the image to one on Google Street View, traveled to the location, waited for Matsuoka to appear, then followed her to her apartment building, where he molested her on September 1, per the BBC and CBS News.

By zooming into the image of her eye and with the help of Google Street View, he was able to discern the name of the station where she commuted from.

He then reportedly studied other images she shared, such as her apartment, to figure out where she lived.

He told Japanese daily newspaper Sankei Shimbun: "People should be fully aware that posting pictures and video on social media runs the risk of divulging personal data".

He was arrested on Tuesday after he was identified by security camera images.

"Even the tiniest details can reveal a lot of information about where a photograph is taken, and information about the individuals in the photograph", he said.

'The risk of a so-called "digital stalker" is on the rise, ' he said.

In 2016, Japanese singer Mayu Tomita was left in a critical condition after being repeatedly stabbed by a fan as she was waiting to perform at a concert in Tokyo.



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