Lexus LF 30 Concept

Lexus LF-30 Electrified concept

At the unveiling of a concept model of a futuristic EV hatchback ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show, he added that the goal is for sales of Lexus electric vehicles, including battery electrics and gasoline hybrids, to outpace sales of the luxury brand's gasoline vehicle models by 2025. The identity of the model has not been disclosed, but reports are suggesting the vehicle in question will be a fully electric version of the UX small crossover. There's 536bhp on offer and 700 Nm of torque on tap. It can nonetheless reach 60 mph from a stop in 3.8 seconds, and it can travel for up to 310 miles on one charge according to the overly optimistic WLTP testing cycle.

For the cabin, there's a feeling of spaciousness for the driver made possible by a steer-by-wire system.

As for the exterior design, you'll love it or you'll hate it, which is par for the course when it comes to the company's cars. Imagine Lexus' trademark spindle grille stretched and enveloping an entire vehicle and you'll understand what the automaker's designers were going for with the wing-shaped headlights, massive cooling intakes at the front of the vehicle and heat exhausts deeply set into flanks and rear haunches.

The LF-30 probably won't be one of them. In the LF-30 this manifests as a yoke-style steering wheel surrounded by wrap-around displays and a large augmented reality head-up display. In the case of the latter, the concept can interact with an autonomous drone called the Lexus Airporter. The passenger, on the road hand, is traveling first-class thanks to a seat inspired by high-zoot air travel, and a gesture-controlled screen.

The driver feels a lot like a jet fighter pilot, then.

It might not necessarily seem like a big auto at a first glance, but the LF-30 is actually quite large - stretching at 5090 millimeters (200.4 inches) long, 1995 mm (78.5 in) wide, and 1600 mm (63 in) tall, with a generous wheelbase of 3,200 mm (126 in).



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