‘Jesus shoes’ with holy water in the soles are selling for $4,000

Jesus Shoes sold out on the day they went to market

Each pair features around 2 ounces of water sourced from the River Jordan, which runs 156 miles along the borders of Jordan, Israel and Syria.

Well, for the measly price of approximately $4,500, you can live your dream in a pair of Nike Air Max 97s that are injected with holy water straight from the River Jordan in the soles.

Within one minute of being released on October 8, these iconic shoes had already sold out, but if you're willing to pay nearly double the original retail price, you can still pick up a few pairs on the StockX marketplace. "Jesus Shoes" are made with 100% frankincense wool (get it?), while the laces are strewn with a crucifix.

Even the packaging was given a religious makeover, with designers adding an image of an angel to the box, as well as a seal modeled after the Papal Seal. Greenberg says the shoes were designed as a response to ridiculous brand collaborations, such as Arizona Iced Tea and Adidas. The brand asked itself, "What would a collab with Jesus Christ look like?" and came up with this white-and-sky-blue pair.

"So we wanted to make a statement about how absurd collab culture has gotten", he added.

According to Fox News, a limited-edition sneaker with holy water in the soles sold out within just minutes of being released. Greenberg said. "As a Jew myself, the only thing I knew was that he walked on water". They have now been listed on the resale website StockX for US$4000.

Nike, which is in no way affiliated with "Jesus Shoes", did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

Others simply branded the shoes - and anyone who would pay such a huge amount of money to buy them - "stupid" and "ridiculous".



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