Intel's workstation X-series chips are a bit faster and much cheaper

Intel announces massive price cuts for Xeon and Core-X CPUs

Of course, as we mentioned at the outset, the price cuts apply not just to this popular model, but to all 9th-Generation F and KF-Series processors - F-Series meaning there are no integrated graphics, and KF being the same deal except these processors are unlocked (so they can be overclocked). Announced back in late 2017, Kaby Lake-G came as an unexpected surprise: an 8th Gen Core processor from Intel, paired with custom AMD Radeon graphics, all in a single chip.

Kaby Lake-G was released at the beginning of 2018 featuring a collaboration between Intel and AMD which powered the Hades canyon line of NUCs.

Unfortunately for Kaby Lake-G, however, manufacturers didn't seem so keen. However, the processors never appeared to gain widespread adoption among device makers.

That's close to half the price, which is sure to up Intel's chances when taking on competitor AMD and its Ryzen 3000 and third-gen Threadripper CPUs. For a while, the company used Kaby Lake-G in its NUC range, but even then it was a short-lived offering. "Our 10th Gen Intel Core processors with Iris Plus graphics are built on the new Gen11 graphics architecture that almost doubled graphics performance", the company said in an email. But Intel also pitched them as gaming-optimized processors for those who knew that they'd be pairing them with a dedicated GPU, anyway. "We have more in store from our graphics engine that will bring further enhancements to PCs in the future", Intel said in a statement.

The Xeon W family of CPU's are also expected to hit retailer shelves from November onwards.

At the same time, Intel is preparing to enter the dedicated graphics card market in 2020, putting it in direct competition with AMD's Radeon business.

The chipmaker quietly updated its Product Change Notice page which has the Kaby Lake-G chips put out to pasture. On July 31, 2020, it will officially end all shipments for the chips.



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