Domino's 0, disabled 1 in Monday Supreme Court action

U.S. Supreme Court rejects Amazon warehouse worker wage appeal

The case is Domino's Pizza, LLC v. Guillermo Robles. The decision comes five years after the Supreme Court issued a ruling in the case that barred similar claims under federal law.

The Supreme Court's denial of the Domino's petition has quashed expectations that we may have an answer to the question of whether Title III of the ADA applies to websites or what compliance with Title III of the ADA entails.

The case stems back to a 2016 lawsuit against Domino's by Guillermo Robles, who is blind, and who claims he could not order a pizza using the company's website or mobile site because it is not accessible.

Domino's appealed against this ruling with the Supreme Court, which denied the petition on Monday and left the lower court's decision in standing.

Domino's says more than 2,250 federal lawsuits were filed over website access in 2018, nearly triple the number from 2017. This is the first time in history so many accessibility cases have been presented against companies and corporations.

The decision was "the right call on every level", said Robles' attorney. "This outcome furthers that critical objective for them and is a credit to our society".

Robles, like many others with impairments, relies on technology, like Apple's screen-reading software to help him with navigating the internet. The court found that applies to the chain's website and app, even though they're often used outside of Domino's restaurants.

The court ruled that people with disabilities should be able to order through Domino's website and app. Furthermore, it stated the "impossibility of guessing what accessibility means in the online environment" and the need for federal standards in making websites and mobile apps accessible.

Domino's sought to overturn that, but the Supreme Court stood by the lower court ruling, denying the petition on October 7, delivering a victory to those with disabilities and a defeat for Domino's.

Currently, this decision means that Domino's will have to revise its digital operations to be accessible to the hearing and visually impaired, at least until further court rulings. "Creating a nationwide standard will eliminate the tsunami of website accessibility litigation that has been filed by plaintiffs' lawyers exploiting the absence of a standard for their own benefit, and chart a common path for both businesses and nonprofit institutions to follow in meeting the accessibility needs of the disabled community". According to DailyMail, "both the and United Kingdom law require that companies do not deny individuals with disabilities access to their goods and services unless the effort involved places them under an "undue burden".



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