2 meteor showers to peak this week: How to watch

Meteor shower should be visible in Northeast Ohio early Tuesday night

According to AccuWeather, back-to-back meteor showers are peaked on Tuesday night and are expected to continue on Wednesday.

The AMS said that these meteors are poorly seen from the southern hemisphere due to low radiant altitude seen from below the equator.

Although these Draconids are considered minor meteor showers, they can still light up the sky with hundreds of these twinkly fireballs, as opposed to the common 10 meteors per hour.

Immediately following the Draconids will be the Southern Taurids.

Fireballs, also known as very bright meteors, streak across our sky when debris from a comet breaks up in our upper atmosphere.

While a "nice outburst" was visible last year, the AMS said, the Draconids are expected to produce no substantial activity this year.

"This is a good shower for younger stargazers, especially since the shower peaks on a school night", Samuhel said.

The Southern Taurids are a minor shower with fewer than 10 meteors per hour, but the American Meteor Society says "the Taurids are rich in fireballs".

Still, weather permitting, you may still see something.

Unlike most meteor showers that are best viewed during the second half of the night, the Draconids come in greatest numbers before midnight.

You don't need any special equipment or skills to view a meteor shower.

So, if you've got a home in the country side and want a little entertainment with your dinner, you know where to look.

Unlike planet-hunting or distant star gazing, meteor watching is a game of patience and comfort.

Rather, allow your eyes to adjust to the dark and try to see as much of the naked sky as possible.

You can use timeanddate.com's Interactive Meteor Show Sky Map to find the current direction of a meteor shower in the sky.

Although stargazers may be a little disappointed, there's more to be excited about as we've been blessed with another shower this month, the Orionidsset, which will strike towards the end of October.



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