Vivaldi browser Now Available On Android - Download Now!

Vivaldi browser Now Available On Android - Download Now!

Vivaldi has announced the launch of its browser for Androidmobiledevices in beta mode.

That said, the Android version doesn't offer all of the desktop version's features - the ability to put all tabs inside a single tab is something that looks like it would've been really handy on a smartphone, but that's not available in Vivaldi for Android.

A wide range of search engine choices with instant swap from the Address Field. Speed dial to quickly access favourite sites like facebook, twitter and much more. Vivaldi Beta 2.7 for Android is available now as a free download for phones and tablets running Android 5.0 or later. As far as sync goes between the two versions, as per TechCrunch, Vivaldi says that it doesn't use Google's servers (in case you were anxious about being tracked by the big G). It also boasts tab stacking - an incredibly helpful feature that allows you to collect related tabs together in a group so it's easier to find the one you want. You can access regular, private, and synced tabs as well as retrieve recently closed tabs from the trash. Notes are synced across devices too, so you could theoretically do away with a separate Notes app if you rely on Vivaldi across your devices. For instance, you can select DuckDuckGo by typing "d" in the Address Bar followed by a space.

It's a powerful first step into the world of the mobile browser - Vivaldi has clearly taken its time to get this right, with a good mix of features to open things up. Furthermore, the editor allows you to add checklists, agenda items, or jot down some pointers - all alongside browsing the Web. Further, the browser includes a Reader View that can be enabled through the Accessibility options available in the Settings menu. "That means the same privacy and security properties, as well as independent features you've come to expect from the Vivaldi browser on desktop", Vivaldi explains.

Vivaldi is the true successor to the original Opera browser, developed by a team lead by Jon S von Tetzchner, the founder of Opera.



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