Trump marks his 3rd 9/11 anniversary with Afghan war still raging

Blast at United States embassy in Afghan on 9/11 anniversary

What prompted Mr Trump to dynamite an agreement that was ready for signing and which would have fulfilled his own pre-election promise to withdraw his forces from a costly war in Afghanistan and use this in his re-election bid in 2020?

Before the tweet, no one outside Trump's immediate circle was aware of the development.

While the Afghan government's technical and operational preparations for the elections are on track, he said, "we still hear much anxiety expressed by Afghan citizens particularly in view of the Taliban's stated threat to disrupt the electoral process, especially by targeting civilians participating in the elections". Trump's United States negotiator Zalmay Khalilzad had announced a peace deal "in principle" with the Taliban on Monday.

He said: "What they did was disgusting, they killed an American soldier".

The permanent representative also appeared to back Trump's claim that the objective of the attack earlier this month was to prepare a better negotiating position.

"Peace with a group that is still killing innocent people is meaningless", said Afghan President Ghani in a statement.

Trump said the assault was ordered after he cancelled secret peace talks with the Taliban over the weekend in retaliation for a bomb attack that killed one USA soldier last week. Warning terrorist groups of any such misadventure in future, Trump said, "And I'm not even talking about nuclear power".

Trump said he felt that the Taliban had carried out the violence to put them in a better bargaining position in the negotiations. However Khalilzad said final approval still rested with Trump.

Acting US Permanent Representative Jonathan Cohen did not address Washington's negotiations with the Taliban, but said that his country supported Afghanistan's political and electoral institutions.

The news comes amid heightened tensions between the U.S. and the Taliban, the insurgent group which rules over large swathes of Afghanistan.

"The worldwide community needs to continue its support by fulfilling the commitments made to the Afghan security forces in their fight against the scourge of terrorism", he said.

Mr Trump's remarks came after he aborted what would have been a historic Afghanistan peace summit, and as relatives remembered the victims of the deadliest terror attacks on United States soil at ceremonies in NY and Washington.



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