Trump Administration 'REVOKES' California's Authority to Regulate Car Emissions

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler speaks at a news conference in Washington Sept. 12 2019

The Trump administration will take steps to try to block California from setting its own vehicle emissions standards, the head of the U.S. environmental regulator has said, as the row between the federal government and the state over green regulations intensifies.

Because of California's 35 million registered vehicles, which account for 29% of all greenhouse gases, it's a provision that has become the national standard. Indications are that the Trump EPA is now caught in the middle of balking automakers, decisions that are hard to justify scientifically (and thus in court), and the hard-line deregulatory stance of administration officials.

But in a widely anticipated move, the Trump administration announced on September 18 that it was axing a key provision giving California the authority to enforce pollution requirements in passenger vehicles. "But we will not - we will fight this latest attempt and defend our clean vehicle standards".

Opponents said the action was illegal and unwise. Finally, work hard to elect officials who will work to advance the fight against climate change and air pollution.

Vermont is one of 13 states to have adopted the Golden State's stricter vehicle emissions levels.

California's ability to set its own rules dates back to the 1970s when Los Angeles was blanketed in choking smog. So the law preempted state rules on vehicle emissions, it also required the federal government to allow California to continue regulating, provided that its rules were tougher than the federal standards. None has been revoked.

California, in addition to environmental groups, vowed to fight the latest plans from Washington through the courts.

Revoking California's waiver is the first salvo in an attempt to lower vehicle efficiency standards nationwide.

The Obama-era rules called for a fleetwide fuel efficiency average of 46.7 miles (75 km) per gallon by 2025, with average annual increases of about 5%, compared with 37 mpg by 2026 under the Trump administration´s preferred option to freeze requirements.

The board of supervisors voted to join a legal challenge to a federal appeals court ruling that bars cities from arresting or citing homeless people for camping on sidewalks unless they can all be offered shelter.

The auto emissions battle is just one front in a widening battle between the Trump administration and California's Democratic administration.

Asked about the proposal on Wednesday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom said he would make an announcement by Friday, but he did not elaborate.

On Wednesday, the two sides went to war over who should set US standards for vehicle emissions and electric cars, the first feint in what could be a long legal battle.

U.S. President Donald Trump has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to issue a notice in less than a week to the city of San Francisco on its homeless and other issues.

The Trump administration has argued that lowering the emission standards would allow auto manufacturers to sell their vehicles at a lower price, thus encouraging people to buy new vehicles that would be more fuel-efficient and produce cleaner emissions than older vehicles. He said Trump's decision had little to do with protecting the vehicle manufacturers and the economy, and was rather a defense of the oil industry. They say that California's decision to set its own standards creates confusion for automakers, and want one standard in order to create more regulatory certainty.

To meet the Obama-era rules, automakers might have been forced to lower the price of electric vehicles and 'raise the price of other, more popular vehicles, such as SUVs and trucks, ' Wheeler added. "I'm confident we'll prevail, eventually". "Are you sure you're going to be able to recoup all that investment if there is no policy that says you should go towards more fuel efficient cars?"

The Trump administration's attacks on clean-car standards are broadly opposed.

"Pretending that automakers can not make cars that are both safe and efficient is ridiculous", Tonachel said.



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