Teen's memory resets every two hours following head injury

Riley Horner

In a case that has perplexed doctors, a teenage girl in Kirkwood, Iowa, loses her memory every two hours after a student accidentally kicked her in the head on June 11.

Doctors told the Horners it's a reality they may have to accept for life. I have a calendar on my door.

To grapple with her situation, Riley writes detailed notes in class, takes photos of things that are happening and sets an alarm for every two hours so she can revisit everything that's just happened.

'We want assist. We want any person that is aware of just a little bit extra as a result of she deserves higher.

"My brother passed away last week", said Sarah. ". I'm very confused and I try to think back and I can't".

"I'm not making memories", Riley told WQAD 8.

"They can't see anything", said Horner.

Riley stated she's coming ahead together with her harrowing story to succeed in out to others who may be battling comparable quick time period reminiscence signs so that they know they are not alone. She can't even store stuff in her locker, she said, because she can't remember where it is. They can't find anything physically wrong with her through CT scans or MRIs, which makes coming up with the proper diagnosis almost impossible.

According to WQAD News, Riley's doctors say her case is a "medical mystery" as they can not find anything physically wrong with her through CT scans or MRIs. "There's no brain bleed, there's no tumor". "Like I will have no recollection of (this interview) come supper time".

Horner said research has shown that at six months with short term memory, it can cause irreversible damage. And we inform her every single day however she has no concept about it, ' Sarah stated. Everything is more complicated when you just. can not. remember. "And I'm just like really scared".

"We need help", Sarah pleaded tearfully. I mean she wanted to be in the medical field and now she can't even hold a job if she wanted to, ' Sarah said.

However, her condition remains a medical mystery as doctors can't pinpoint what exactly is wrong, according to her mother, Sarah Horner. We have a few leads, but most are not local, so we are sifting through trying to find the best options. Waking up Christmas morning, thinking its June 11 just can't happen!

Riley, second from left, with her cheer squad.



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