Take a trip down memory lane with Google Photos' new Memories feature

Google Photos adds Memories to tickle your nostalgia, same-day prints from Walmart or CVS, and Canvas prints

Memories is one of the most popular features on Facebook. Google is also adding the ability to order prints for pickup or delivery to the home.

Earlier this week, we detailed a new feature in the Google Photos app that would let you order same-day prints from Walmart or CVS and order large, Canvas-style prints. Now, the memories will show at the top of the screen above your recent photos as small circles.

Following hot on the heels of Flickr's new printing service, Google's partnership with Walmart and CVS is targeted at regular consumers rather than professional photographers who are using Flickr to get professional-quality prints. Once you tap on the circles, it will show you a selection of photos that were taken on that day.

Previously, rediscovering older photos that you may have forgotten involved delving into the Assistant tab at the bottom of the Google Photos app. According to Google, these memories will be turned into personal media and privately presented to users to watch, even though they look like the stories format from social media. If you can't remember exactly the date or occasion, you can even search for text in the photo.

The new first of the new features, Memories, is created to fight the problem of sorting through hundreds or thousands of photos.

Other new features include a future update that will enable users to send photos as a direct message to another user. A similar feature has existed on social media platforms under the name "Stories", so this concept isn't new.

"Google Photos isn't just resting on its laurels today by making 4x6" prints available within the same day at your local pharmacy or big box store - the cloud storage service is amping up its own boutique print offerings and using artificial intelligence to help you stroll through the tons of memories you've backed up.

"Memories" seems like it will continue to follow the cadence of the "rediscover this day" feature - which is to say, it won't remind you of every photo you've taken on every single day. Canvas prints are available in three sizes-8×8 for $20, 11×14 for $30, and 16×20 for $45-and come with either black, white, or wrap-around borders. There's no word on when the new sharing interface will roll out outside of "the coming months".



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