See Camila Cabello Humorously Relive Nightmare in New 'Liar' Video

See Camila Cabello Humorously Relive Nightmare in New 'Liar' Video

However, the couple jokingly starts making out with each other, clearly mocking the claims that they "kiss like fish".

"We just want to show you how we really kiss", Shawn continued, and what proceeded can exclusively be described as tongue wrestling and open-mouthed motion that made that latest makeout session between Timothée Chalamet and Lily Rose-Depp appear to be a peck on the lips.

Think people will say they kiss like fish anymore?

The two then proceeded to clean each other's faces and teeth with their tongues. As a celebrity, your life is open to the public, so some celebrities keep their relationships private like Kerry Washington, Zendaya, Taraji Henson, Idris Elba, and so much more. He's the kind of man who only wants her to be a trophy wife. "There is just a comfortability that he feels with her and appreciates being able to confide in her knowing she has his back". Some people's love language involves being affectionate with each other on social media by leaving flirty comments, posting photos of each other, and liking each other's photos.

Shawn's comments immediately filled up with comments from his famous friends who either thought it was amusing or had some advice for the singers. If you had a boyfriend as hot as that you would also want him all to yourself. Nobody likes a third-wheel, especially one that will encroach on your privacy and not let you enjoy a moment of alone time. The "If I Can't Have You" singer posted a video of himself and girlfriend Camila Cabello, 21, making out on Instagram on September 11.

In the video? Yes, they did. It's a hard memory to get rid of and the fans can attest to that.

Honestly, fans just need to watch the video for themselves.

If you turned to Mendes' Instagram account as a sleep aid, you probably regretted what you saw.

If you didn't know-"Liar" is all about being in denial about your feelings for someone.



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