Remains Of Man Missing For 20 Years 'Found On Google Earth'

Florida man

Barbera says a previous resident of Wellington, Florida, was checking his former neighborhood on Google Earth when he saw what looked like a vehicle in the lake.

The vehicle, which was not visible from the ground level but was obvious in the image from space, turned out to be a 1994 Saturn SL, cops said.

The body has now been confirmed to be William Earl Moldt, who was reported missing on 8 November, 1997, after he failed to return from a night out in Lantana, Florida, when he was 40 years old.

When they got there on August 28, deputies found a heavily calcified vehicle at the bottom of the pond that "was obviously in the water for a significant amount of time".

Moldt's body was found still inside his auto, which had been submerged in the pond near the housing project.

Moldt left a night club on the evening of November 7, 1997 at about 11pm.

His vehicle had been "plainly visible" on a Google Earth photo of the area since 2007, according to the Charley Project, which keeps an online list of missing people. According to the Charley Project, which maintains an online list of anyone missing a year or more, someone spotted the vehicle on Google Earth.

Investigators towed the auto and the remains to the county medical examiner's office for processing, the sheriff's office said.

The housing development where Moldt's remains were found was reportedly under construction at the time he went missing.

After the waterlogged vehicle was pulled from the pond, responding deputies discovered the skeletal remains inside.

According to The Charley Project - an online database that collects information on U.S. cold cases - it was possible to see the vehicle on Google for more than a decade.

Moldt reportedly did not appear intoxicated that night and left alone in his auto. It was the last contact she had with him.

No further details surrounding the case have been released yet.



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