Pro-Kremlin candidates suffer major losses in Moscow city vote

Pro-Kremlin candidates suffer major losses in Moscow city vote

According to the Interfax news agency, after counting 99.47 per cent of the protocols of the electoral commissions, 20 candidates nominated and supported by the opposition parties became a part of the Duma (legislative assembly) of the city of Moscow.

Navalny was thrilled because the groups arrayed against President Vladimir Putin's United Russia party showed, for once, that when they put aside their differences and act in concert, they can make serious inroads.

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny, whose allies were blocked from running, urged the public to vote tactically in order to punish the Kremlin and the ruling United Russia party.

Sobol told CBS News that some candidates endorsed by Smart Voting had said they were prepared to work with the opposition.

With all votes counted on Monday, the Kremlin saw its majority in the 45-seat Parliament slump from 40 to 24.

Two other parties that are loosely controlled by the Kremlin, the Communists and the center-left A Just Russia came away with 14 and 4 seats, respectively.

Daria Besedina, a candidate from the liberal Yabloko party who was allowed on the ballot and won in her district, said on Monday that she would vote for the dissolution of the legislature when it convenes. "Moscow would have got an opposition Duma if all the candidates were registered".

Navalny countered that his program of "successfully-organized vote casting" - in essence, vote casting for someone excluding the United Russia candidate to give the party a shadowy perceive even supposing nice alternative candidates were kept off the ballot - delivered a "effective result". She was seen as a pro-Kremlin candidate and her posters were visible across the city. A number of Russia's best-known activists joined the campaign.

But in either case, it showed the growing unpopularity of United Russia.

But Putin and his allies can barely simply call Sunday's nationwide voting just about anything but a success.

Professional-Kremlin deputies, each United Russia candidates and independents supported by the social gathering, had held 38 of the meeting's seats after the earlier election in 2014.

Yesterday local government elections were held in 85 regions of Russian Federation.

Consequently, an array of high-ranked figures lost their seats in the council, among them Andrey Metelsky, the head of United Russia's branch in Moscow.

Moscow's vote was the most closely watched though. Tens of thousands of people joined demonstrations most Saturdays since then. The protests widened in scope after a harsh response from authorities.

The even worse news for reform-minded Russians is that the Communist Party used to be the second most attention-grabbing victor, as much as 13 seats from 5.

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets to demand a fair vote after many opponents were barred from registering, before almost all the candidates in Moscow were briefly jailed. Russians vote in local and regional elections on September 8, 2019.

Political analysts called the protests and arrests an unprecedented political crisis.

Russian government officials had previously accused Western countries of encouraging the election protests in Moscow this summer. "I'd like to have choice".

Putin voting in the elections.



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