Nintendo's 'Ring Fit Adventure' turns exercise into an adventure game

Nintendo's New Fitness Game Puts Joy-Cons in Strange Places

Ring Fit Adventure features other modes that let you do individual exercises, sets, or play through minigames as well, but it looks like Adventure mode is the main event. It all works in concert with the new Ring-Con and Leg Strap accessories, each of which use the Switch's Joy-Con to track the way your body's moving (the former is that circle thing Nintendo showed off in an odd teaser video last week). Battles are fought not with magic, but with fitness moves like squats, and players will be able to adjust the resistance of the Ring-Con if they're too young/unfit for the default settings. To play the game, players attach the Joy-Con controllers from their Nintendo Switch system to the included accessories - one to the Ring-Con and one to the Leg Strap. Ring Fit Adventure can be adjusted to the player's level of skill, so even if players don't have experience with fitness, they can change the exercise intensity to suit their ability.

Two peripherals were revealed today: Ring-Con and Leg Strap.

Nintendo's odd new Switch experience has a name: Ring Fit Adventure. On your turn, you pick from a variety of Fit Skills to determine what kind of attacks you use. Every action that the player performs in-game will earn experience for their in-game character, with level-ups boosting stats and unlocking new Fit Skills that can be used in battle.

In addition to the the standard adventure mode, there are a number of quick play modes as well. This lets everyone enjoy a quick workout in different ways, like taking turns with friends and family in mini-games to compete for high scores. Ring Fit Adventure relies on two accessories: a leg strap and a device called the Ring-Con. It seems like a fun way to get a little exercise in at home.

Today, Nintendo unveiled Ring Fit Adventure, a maddening sort of Wii Fit slash RPG hybrid, that also involves a unique periphiral, the Ring-Con.



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