Mozilla launches Firefox VPN extension for United States users

Mozilla launches Firefox VPN extension for United States users

Mozilla is officially launching its Firefox Private Network VPN service for desktop users in the US. It will be available as a separate browser add-on.

Firefox Private Network will mask your IP address providing protection from third party trackers around the web.

The VPN now works only on desktops, but is expected to be available on mobile platforms as well once it exits beta.

Firefox Private Network also hides your IP address and replaces it with another so some eavesdropper can't trace your identity.

The service uses a proxy server provided by Cloudflare and requires users to sign in to their Firefox account in order to connect.

To meet those anonymity and security requirements, you should switch to Tor browser, and ensure you're always connecting to websites using HTTPS as opposed to HTTP. However, contrary to what I assumed from its name, it's not a VPN service but an encrypted proxy that's powered by Cloudflare. "Their strong privacy controls limit what data they collect and how long they keep it", Mozilla said.

Although the Firefox Private Network service is now free, Mozilla hinted that the company is exploring possible pricing options for the service in the future to keep it self-sustainable.

Once installed on your desktop, the Firefox Private Network extension will add a toggle on the toolbar of your Firefox web browser so you can easily turn it on or off at any time.

What's your take on Firefox Private Network?



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