Microsoft Windows 10 Insider build 18985 expands its simple Bluetooth pairing

Microsoft Windows 10 Insider build 18985 expands its simple Bluetooth pairing

Italian blog Aggiornamenti Lumia is reporting today that the Windows 10 build 19480 and newer are mentioned in languages packs available on the Microsoft Store.

Clicking this option will open a new "View optional updates" screen that lists all of the available updates that can be installed.

Aside from releasing a simpler and faster version of Swift Pair, Microsoft has started rolling out all an improved Snip & Sketch to all Insiders.

Look to version 20H1, instead, if you want to hear about new features and it does seem like Microsoft is packing quite the features based on Insider Previews.

We fixed an issue impacting the reliability of Settings when accessing the Network & Internet section.

Fixed an issue that could result in printer entries not displaying properly for non-admin accounts - the text overlapping, and not being clickable.

We fixed an issue resulting in Task Manager showing an unexpectedly high temperature for certain GPUs.

For those who do not wish Windows 10 to update their drivers, you will still be able to disable automatic driver updating by going to the "Device installation settings" settings screen and selecting "No (your device might not work as expected)". Though the notification-driven pairing feature was thought to be the future of Bluetooth peripherals, it was set up originally for a single product: the Microsoft Surface Mouse.

Fixed an issue with the Reset this PC cloud download option not calculating the correct amount of space you needed to free up if you did not have enough disk space to proceed.

Microsoft has fixed a bug affecting the Reset a PC via cloud download option, which wasn't working when some optional features were installed. If you are still encountering issues with any SD cards, take a moment to check for driver updates. Microsoft notes that Windows Update will automatically keep drivers up to date, but optional drivers could help solve a problem. As with all 20H1 updates, this will remain in preview until Microsoft goes live with the update for all users, which will likely happen next May. If you liked having multiple windows, don't worry! During video capture, these 2D apps block their content from being recorded. Microsoft is trying to make it easier for you see to see all optional updates-drivers, feature updates, and monthly non-security quality updates-in one place in Windows Update. If accepted, they will attempt to install and fail to do so.

This year has been a pretty odd one for Microsoft's Windows Insider Program.



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