Isolating, lonely for Skarsgard to reprise Pennywise clown role in It sequel

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As a preface to the rest of this article, I'd like to warn you that I'll likely be throwing down some spoilers to It: Chapter Two as well as the novel that the films were based on, so consider yourself in risky territory if you're avoiding spoilers for whatever reason. But there are elements of substance to its somewhat messy presentation. As such, these characters are forced to confront their dark pasts both directly and suddenly.

One could argue that conquering your fears is a trait of the genre, regardless of age, but because we're dealing with fairly experienced adults instead of naïve children, the film at times feels more like a trip through an obnoxious carnival hall than journeys of personal growth.

All of the actors work with the material well too.

At the press junket for the first movie in 2017, he had told The New Paper that it was "the loneliest film production" he had ever done because he was isolated from the child actors he was supposed to terrify as Pennywise the clown. Eddie Kaspbrak (James Ransone) is still a vulgar "momma's boy".

Bill Hader, left, has received praise for his portrayal of Richie Tozier, played by Finn Wolfhard as a child. Any of that can explain the differences in her personality, but I still felt like something was off there. At best, these add depth and pathos; at worst, they feel like deleted scenes from the first movie. The Body (aka Stand by Me) is a flawless example, and even earlier works like Carrie have that coming-of-age undercurrent. One thing that I do respect about the performance was just how much Skarsgård did to make sure his performance was unique to the legendary Tim Curry.

I never thought I would join this debate, but I'm finally taking a stand. IT was better as a book. The film also has its controversial moments and is genuinely disturbing at times, so prepare yourself if you plan to see this on the big screen.

The book is a horror classic and clocks in at over 1,000 paperback pages. its level of depth is one of the reasons it has been so hard to make into a successful film representation. His performance, in a way, represents the movie's biggest issue: it wants to be a goofy crowd pleaser and go for the easy scares, yet, it also wants to disturb you on a psychological level. There's a difference between being startled and being scared.

If "It: Chapter Two" has one fatal flaw, it's the film's unjustified runtime, which almost hits the three-hour mark.

Now I know that movies are just inherently more interesting. Stanley Kubrick famously gutted "The Shining" and produced an adaptation that the author despised which was, and still is, often referred to as one of the greatest horror films of all time. Each character has to find an object that connects them to the past, and sacrifice it in a ritual to destroy Pennywise. They drag the pacing and tiresome the suspense. IT Chapter Two was released this month to finish the story that part one started on September 8, 2017.

Watching a gay couple peacefully enjoying their date night out and ultimately being violently beaten by people of Derry, while simultaneously being slashed with homophobic slurs and then killed off by Pennywise is a bone-chilling image that lingers long after the film's end.



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