IPhone 11 to launch in Ukraine in October

Hilarious: Here’s how Twitter reacted to the new iPhone 11

It's the world's most popular camera, now with a whole new perspective.

Apple's Keynote event on Wednesday revealed some exciting new products, including a new Apple Watch and iPad, but the company's much-anticipated iPhone 11 will be a departure from Apple's signature minimal design to feature the bright, bold colors that some older Millennials and Gen-Xers might remember from the good old days. The premium version iPhone 11 Pro Max's price is roughly the same as its predecessor past year. He specifically singles out the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro and jokes that the differences aren't known. We'll learn exactly how large these new batteries are next week when the iPhone 11 phones hit stores, and teardown tables.

The Pro will cost Sh104,000 ($999) while iPhone 11 Pro Max will go for Sh115,000.

Surprisingly, the third model of the last year lineup, iPhone XR, was down the pecking order, behind the likes of iPhone X and iPhone 8 which were launched before two years or more. It shows the respective amount of people that came to know the value of each of their Apple devices.

On average, there was a 189% increase in the number of iPhone users who are looking to trade-in their device within a week.

Obviously, it's way too early to even think of any price cuts, as this is something that Apple doesn't typically do until it rolls out a new iPhone generation.

And in an even more weird development, the three-camera setup apparently triggered tryophobia, or the fear of small holes in some people. Apple stopped selling iPhone X past year itself.

The newly announced iPhone 11 phones have several standout features that make them great upgrades, especially if you own older iPhone or Android hardware.



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