IPadOS will arrive on September 30th

Apple iOS 13

iOS 13 is officially ready for launch.

The GM (Golden Master) builds are the last step in the development cycle of the soon-to-be-released iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 operating systems, which are expected to hit the streets next week on September 19th, along with tvOS 13 for Apple TV devices and watchOS 6 for Apple Watch devices.

MacRumors explains the R1 by stating, "The Rose coprocessor will add support for an inertial measurement unit (IMU), Bluetooth 5.1 features, ultra-wideband (UWB) and camera (including motion capture and optical tracking) sensor data to not only tell where the device is but also fuse this sensor data together to find lost Apple Tags and aid in the processing of People Occlusion from ARKit". Meaning, if Android 10 defaults to giving Facebook location data "all the time", but you don't have Facebook's background location setting on, the app won't collect your location data when you're not using it. Apple then plans to release iOS 13.1 with additional software features on September 30.

Apple Watch Series 5
IPadOS will arrive on September 30th

SEE ALSO: Why Would Anyone Trust Facebook With Their Love Life? According to CNBC, the update is created to give users more control over their privacy sharing settings, a move that seemed to specifically target both Facebook and Google. The new controls could run afoul of a background location setting Facebook introduced earlier this year. "We'll continue to make it easier for you to control how and when you share your location", mentioned McDonald.

Most users already know that when it comes to Facebook, the product they're selling is their users' personal info, as it harvests large amounts of data about all of its users. The latest move by Facebook seems to be an effort to ensure users are informed of all new and updates changes so that they don't further question the firm over privacy and data access issues.



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