In the new game of Ms. Monopoly, women make more than men

Ms. Monopoly

An interesting footnote in Monopoly's history is that the board game was originally created by a woman, but eventually a man got credit for it.

Hasbro's newest version of the game, dubbed "Ms. Monopoly", will pay female players more than males - in a stunt that draws attention to the gender pay gap in America.

The game will give female payers a boost with a higher payout to start investing at the beginning of the game, plus a higher payout every time they pass Go, according to stockists at Walmart chain store. If you recall, Hasbro introduced a "Millennial" version of the game previous year that was met with less than an enthusiastic response.

The announcement of Ms. Monopoly comes a few weeks after the company received criticism for Monopoly Socialism - a tongue-in-cheek game that sparked debate for its flippant handling of socialism.

A new commercial for the game shows Hasbro surprising three young female inventors and entrepreneurs with $20,580 in real money. Male players will still only collect 200.

As you can likely tell from the "Ms." prefix, this Monopoly indeed focuses on "female empowerment", Jen Boswinkel, senior director of global brand strategy and marketing for Hasbro Gaming, told USA Today.

"From inventions like Wi-Fi to chocolate chip cookies or solar heating to ladies' modern shape-wear, Ms. Monopoly reminds players that everything from scientific advancements to everyday accessories were all created by women, "Hasbro said Tuesday".

Ms. Monopoly is also the first game where women are paid more than men (unlike reality).

Hasbro launches Ms. Monopoly boardgame on September 10, 2019.

Elizabeth Magie invented a game called The Landlord's Game in 1903 as a protest against big-money corruption during the Gilded Age. Buys her patent decades later for $500 so they can bury it in favor of a similar game "invented" by a man, which praised capitalism instead of critiquing it.

Several changes have been made to the iconic board game for the new version.



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