How To Get The KFC Colonel Sanders Dating App

I Love You, Colonel Sanders! is the KFC dating sim you didn't know you needed

KFC is rumored to be releasing a dating simulator as early as September 24th and we know some people who might be interested in dating the Colonel. Colonel Sanders is looking for a business partner, and you might be able to fit the bill if you can impress him. Sometimes I pine for KFC, mostly because I can't have it. It says that the game "follows you, a promising culinary student, as you try to date your classmate, Colonel Sanders".

Well you've got me there, KFC; I do care about real animated characters' feelings.

The game says that it will have multiple hours of playtime, although it declines to give a specific number.

Is This a Genuine KFC Dating Sim?

KFC has done a lot of unusual things to draw attention to its brand in recent years, but this might be the strangest yet. "The suave Colonel Sanders, in his signature all-white suit and folded-to-perfection bowtie, also joins the culinary school to embark on his journey of becoming the world's greatest fried chicken salesman, adding to your list of challenges". The game is described as a dating simulator and the player will have to "navigate relationships and the social challenges that the fast-paced life in the kitchen can bring". A game like this is sure to generate buzz all on its own, nevermind the profits that can potentially be made from the game itself.

In I Love You, Colonel Sanders! But with a potential lifetime of free chicken as your romantic reward, Colonel Sanders promises to be a friend with an bad lot of benefits.

PC Gamer's United Kingdom office is located in Bath, a town which hasn't had a KFC since 2017, when-in an act of horrendous irony-it was torn down and replaced by a gym. Do you think you'll actually play this KFC dating sim?



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