Google and Microsoft deliver dark theme to two new apps

How to Force Dark Mode on Web Pages in Google Chrome

It isn't stopping yet, as Gmail is the latest app to have received the eye-friendly theme. But Google is not the only company that adds dark themes to its app. Microsoft recently confirmed that dark mode for Outlook is now available on Android and iOS for everyone. While it boasts of several software features that will improve the performance and health of the smartphones, one of the most talked-about features was the new "Dark" mode.

Take a look at the new dark mode for the Play Store below.

We did check for the presence of dark mode in all the Pixel devices here running Android 10 and none of them got the new dark mode so far.

The rollout is server-side and accessible from the General Settings tab under Theme so you can choose between Light, Dark and System default. Regardless of whether it's black or dark grey, you should still expect power-savings when compared to light themes.

Luckily, the theme does not look half baked and covers nearly all the major aspects, judging by these screenshots. One can see that there are still some coloured elements to highlight the labels, inbox and other sections. The colour tones highlighting different sections have also been muted and are not as bright and vibrant as you see with the White coloured background. However, that's not all. It has been mentioned that one would need to be on Gmail version 2019.08.18.267044774 to see these changes.

As for when the rest of us will get Android 10 and eventually the Gmail dark mode, that remains to be seen.

Gmail users with an older version of Android can manually convert Gmail to the dark dark via the settings.



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