France says that Steam must let you resell games - Valve "disagrees"

France says that Steam must let you resell games - Valve

"The decision will have no effect on Steam while the case is on appeal". The court rejected this defense stating that Steam doesn't sell games as part of a subscription package and that Valve's policy on reselling games goes against European Union laws put in place for the free-flow of digital goods and content.

The French High Court has just ruled that Valve must make some drastic changes to their digital games storefront, Steam, stating that all French users must be allowed to resell their digital games.

With the seemingly imminent death of physical game sales, what with the rise of digital marketplaces and the growing trend of subscription services, selling games second hand is becoming more and more hard. It also gave Valve three months to update its terms of service in light of this ruling.

UFC-Que Choisir, a French consumer organisation, sued Valve back in 2015 over a number of issues it had with Steam, including the fact that users could not resell their games. Valve should accept responsibility when users are harmed by Steam or something from it, even if it's marked as beta. Valve gave itself the right to keep the funds of its users if they left the platform, for example. And the ways players can lose access for poor conduct are not sufficiently clear, Next Inpact add.

This case isn't yet settled, mind. The entirety of the Steam storefront is predicated on a one-way sales path, and allowing gamers to resell digital games is pretty much every major publisher's worst nightmare. For stores which aren't built upon that ideal, it's less attractive. He also raises a good point about game preservation, as more and more digital delistings are making games vanish from sight, often without any physical means of subsequently securing them.

As Brown points out, with enough pressure applied to companies regarding this point, the industry could see widespread changes as we welcome the next generation of gaming platforms and their likely stronger leaning towards an all-digital future.



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