'Death Stranding' Might Get Sequels to Flesh Out the New "Strand Genre"

Death Stranding

This follows another 49-minute Death Stranding demo with Kojima commentary that IGN has also translated that focuses more on the open-world gameplay and giving fans an in-depth look of this much anticipated game in action. When asked how he makes the mundane tasks we've seen in gameplay reveals feel like less of a responsibility and instead just plain fun he dove straight in and addressed the criticism about the game being a walking simulator. But don't worry, when you play the game, you are driven in very slowly at the start. In an interview with GameReactor Kojima said "It's not like Terminator or Star Wars". There is no explanation or anything. Especially at the beginning. "You'll feel lost, but don't despair: you'll get used to it." natural way. "The system is explained".

"Some people say it's nearly like the movie Alien, where you are gradually finding out what the whole world is about, what you can do and not do".

At Tokyo Game Show 2019, Hideo Kojima showed off and discussed almost 35 minutes of Death Stranding gameplay that focused on Norman Reedus' Sam Porter Bridges' private room, where Sam can customize his gear, play music, display figures, and even have nightmares. Maybe the Japanese might.' I said, 'That's why I want people to do it in the game.' So all these staff members said to me, "We have to give them kudos or points or whatever", but that would be like a normal game - any other game. I didn't want this feeling. The latest? Death Stranding won't get "really fun" until about halfway through. Everyone should start from ground zero. "What I showed you makes you perplexed, but it will definitely make sense when you play". Not knowing how to pick up and play the game.

It doesn't release until November 8, 2019, but that isn't stopping the Director Hideo Kojima from discussing the possibility of a sequel.



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