China Giant Telescope gets mysterious signal from space

China’s Biggest Radio Telescope Has Been Picking Up Heaps Of Mysterious Space Signals

China's Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) has detected a repeating fast radio burst (FRB) - mysterious radio signals from outer space - for the first time, Science and Technology Daily reported.

Spherical radio telescope with an aperture of pjatisotmetrovyj known as a FAST telescope, located in the mountains of South China's Guizhou province.

Fast radio bursts (FRB) are radio pulses lasting a few milliseconds whose nature is yet to be thoroughly studied. This information was given by China's official news agency Xinhua on Monday. But, in that time, they can discharge more energy than 500 million Suns.' This amount of energy is something the human mind can barely conceive.

The 19-beam receiver on FAST is especially sensitive to radio signals, covering the 1.05-1.45 GHz frequency range, and that makes it ideal for keeping an eye on FRB 121102.

FAST latched on to FRB 121102 on August 30, before recording dozens of later pulses (on one particular day, September 3, more than 20 pulses were detected).

Chinese scientists have installed a highly sensitive FRB backend on a 19-beam receiver on the giant telescope, and used it to observe an FRB source named FRB121102, which was first discovered by the Arecibo Observatory in 2015.

Chinese researchers detected the tidal wave of signals from FRB121102 after installing a super-sensitive "FRB backend on a 19-beam receiver", according to China Daily, and astronomers are now reexamining and cross-checking their findings. Astronomers in China are also encouraging their colleagues around the world to monitor the burst at their research facilities. Astronomers from over ten countries are already using FAST to study exoplanets, cosmic rays, interstellar matter, and gravitational waves, among others.

Observers all over the globe look forward to unearthing more exciting mysteries of our Universe using FAST.



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