Borderlands 3: Can You Change Character (Vault Hunter)? Answered

Borderlands 3 video game on Xbox One

If you're playing on PS4 Pro, you'll have the option of whether you want Borderlands 3 to focus on displaying at a hi-resolution or framerate.

Borderlands 3 has just come out and is firmly in the consoles of most players, judging by the numbers that seem to promote the game with flying colors.

This hasn't stopped Borderlands 3 from "greatly exceed [ing] expectations", though, with twice the number of concurrent players on its launch day than at any time in Borderlands 2's history.

To put the into numbers, Borderlands 2's Steam Charts page indicates an all-time peak of 123,596 players. Going on Pitchford's claims, the newly released title is apparently seeing approximately a quarter million concurrent players.

Borderlands 2 released seven years ago and, while it did not have the biggest launch of all time, it kept performing well for its entire existence.

The decision to make Borderlands 3 exclusive on PC to the Epic Games Store certainly ruffled a few feathers - especially the plumage of those used to the Steam marketplace who didn't like feeling strong-armed into using another platform, even one that gave a fairer share of profits to a game's developers.

When Gearbox first announced Borderlands 3's exclusivity to the Epic Store, they received a lot of backlash.

Despite the complaints from the community regarding bugs, I'd say Borderlands 3 is having a fairly successful launch.

In the wake of the game's release, fans took to the game's official subreddit, complaining of low frame rates and "crazy visual lag". Gearbox is also running Golden Key SHiFT code tests, and there's one scheduled for today.



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