Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest adds a whole new Halloween-themed map

Borderlands 3's First Free In-Game Event Brings a Spooky Twist to PS4 Next Month

Borderlands 3 is finally out, and wouldn't ya know it, there's tons of Borderlands 3 easter eggs hiding in the game.

To get access to the Bloody Harvest map you'll need to have accessed Sanctuary III and be able to venture around space in the main game.

Bloody Harvest is expected to launch in late October. But you will have to meet certain conditions before you can gain entry to the Bloody Harvest map.

Along with other new haunted and ghostly enemies, you'll encounter a boss named Captain Haunt whose combat tactics will play into the new terror debuff.

During the inaugural episode of The Borderlands Show, Creative Director Paul Sage revealed what players can expect with Borderlands 3's upcoming Halloween-themed event, Bloody Harvest. Coming into contact with these enemies will trigger a new mechanic called Terror, nerfing your gun accuracy and handling as your screen is shrouded by mist. Eventually, they'll face the Baron of Bloody Harvest.

As you hunt these ghosts, you'll earn Hecktoplasm that can be turned in to Maurice, a new character who will appear on Sanctuary 3. Tread lightly through a ghastly graveyard crawling with Maliwan goons who've reserved a burial plot just for you. Now some people might want more but I don't think that's the way to go, not for Borderlands 3. You can't fight bad guys without a cool costume.

Of course, Bloody Harvest is also the flawless time to rock some costumes, and you'll be able to earn some new cosmetic rewards during the event.

There's a weapon trinket, a new skin for all four Vault Hunters, a grenade mod, and even more to collect. Additionally, new Anointed loot drops from Haunted enemies, Ghosts, and Captain Haunt will have a chance to have Terror-based modifiers.



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