A Harvest Moon Will Appear Tonight, Friday the 13th

A glowing harvest moon will light up Friday theĀ 13th

According to the Farmer's Almanac, full moons on Friday the 13th are pretty rare. Be that as it may, tonight time's Harvest Moon is being known as a "micromoon" due to being about 14% smaller in the sky than an average full moon. According to NASA the moon will appear to be full through Sunday night. Not only was the last Friday the 13th full moon 13 years ago in 2006, but the last time we saw a Friday the 13th Harvest Moon was over 84 years ago in 1935.

Kentrick MillsIt's Friday the 13th and, for most of the United States, this spooky holiday comes with an added dose of superstition this year: A full harvest moon. You'll want to look up at the sky to see the next Harvest Moon, which is also being dubbed a "Micro Harvest Moon." .

This full moon will appear about 14% smaller and 30% dimmer than most full moons as it will be at its farthest point in its four-week cycle. "The Moon was more than 30,000 miles closer and was accordingly branded a 'Supermoon". The last time it happened was in the year 2000 and it won't occur again until 2049.

Some call the harvest moon the "corn moon", since September marks a time during which farmers in the Plains typically begin harvesting their corn. It happens when the moon is situated on the opposite side of Earth from the sun, completely enlightening it. The autumnal equinox occurs on September 23rd at 3:50am, marking the end of summer and the start of fall.

Though it's not clear if the title originated in North America or Europe, it alerts the beginning of a brand new season - the onset of autumn. However, it occasionally lands in October instead, replacing the Full Hunter's Moon.



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