A Face/Off Reboot From Paramount Is Currently In The Works

Image via Paramount

Deadline reports that Paramount is in the process of rebooting the John Woo action-thriller Face/Off with an all-new cast.

For those who've never seen Face/Off, it revolves around Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Sean Archer, played by John Travolta, and terrorist mastermind Castor Troy, played by Nicola Cage.

Neal Moritz (Fast and Furious) will produce and the original Face-Off movie producer David Permut will serve as executive producer. Paramount has also picked Oren Uziel to pen the script. Uziel was the writer behind the fun Mortal Kombat: Rebirth web film as well as 22 Jump Street, but he also gave us the bad The Cloverfield Paradox, Freaks of Nature, and the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog so no telling which way this one could go in terms of quality. Troy is knocked into a coma at the beginning of the movie while Archer is in pursuit, and because Archer learned beforehand that Troy had hid a bomb somewhere in Los Angeles that's set to go off in days, he undergoes an experimental face transplant to go undercover as Troy and figure out the bomb's location.

Archer embarks on a mission to exact revenge on Troy after he kills his son.

No projected release date for the new Face/Off was reported. It was a ideal storm of disparate parts that somehow came together just right in 1997 giving Woo the biggest film of his career with a $245 million global tally.

To be fair, what was impressive about the film was Cage and Travolta's abilities to take on the other's mannerisms.

In the end the film grossed $245M on an $80M budget, directed by John Woo.



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