PUBG Getting Cross-Platform Play Between Xbox One and PS4 Players

PUBG Console Cross Play Coming Soon Season 4 Hits PS4 August 27

Now, updates will roll out to PS4 and Xbox One within two weeks of launching on the PC starting with PUBG Season 4 which drops on August 27. The Game originally launched on the Xbox first and then the PlayStation 4 and PC. The new season on console also introduces Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath, which provides unique missions and rewards to players looking to get the most out of the season.

But keep in mind that this update will not happen until October.

The company hopes to make cross-platform play available for testing on the PUBG Public Test Server beginning in late September. PUBG, the game that brought the battle royale game to the masses originally had its start on the PC but has managed to branch out to consoles over the past few years. This way there's also no need to separate controller and keyboard/mouse players. Cecelia Lee, Community Manager at PUBG Corporation mentions that the update will solve two of their goals which are to allow 100 players from both console communities to play together and to improve matchmaking times. After around "a week in beta", it will hit the live game server in early October. "With the release of cross network play and faster console edition updates, we're looking forward to creating a more integrated experience".

In addition to that, the PUBG Season 4 trailer has been released as well. The makers will soon come up with more information.

Fortnite has shown that you can blend keyboard and mouse users with controller players so if that's the main concern, it should be put to rest.



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