New Nike Adapt Huarache Self Lacing Shoe Supports SIRI and Apple Watch

New Nike Adapt Huarache Self Lacing Shoe Supports SIRI and Apple Watch

Voice control via Siri. Or "via Siri or Apple Watch" to put in your puny human tongue. This not only allows sneakerheads to tighten or loosen their laces on the go, but it also allows users with motor impairments to tie their own shoe laces with no help, bringing with it a sense of independence and convenience.

While we're sure the technology will appear in more and more shoes and be applied to more and more functions and activities, right now the Nike Adapt Huarache is the next step in this groundbreaking innovation.

Unlike BB which was aimed at actual athletes, Adapt Huarache is aimed at what Nike calls "everyday athletes", with the example given being someone running for the bus. The MSRP has not been announced, but the Nike Adapt BB launched at $350 in January 2019, so the new model will likely be positioned at a similar price point. Adapt Huarache uses the same FitAdapt tech as them but "adapts" it for street wear instead of playing basketball.

Huh-rah-ché if you're Anglicising. The latest iteration of FitAdapt allows for a wider array of personal preferences amid various environments and situations - a key revolution given the multi-purpose nature of contemporary lifestyle footwear. The Nike Adapt BB featured smartphone control, but the Adapt Huarache will also connect to Apple Watch and Siri for even faster changes.

Serving as the next chapter in the Huarache's story, the Nike Adapt Huarache is set to drop on September 13th, and will be available in a number of colourways.



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