Lindsey Vonn Is Engaged to P.K. Subban

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"I got the ring and said, 'You know what?"

PK Subban and Lindsey Vonn are tying the knot, the couple has told Vogue.

Vonn and Subban have been dating since early 2018 but they didn't become red carpet official until the CMT Music Awards in June 2018.

Subban and Vonn were a package deal.

"Thank you for an awesome birthday babe!"

Well, she was dating Subban.

"Lindsey's the best thing that's ever happened to me", Subban gushes to the publication.

In September 2018, Vonn posted a picture of the couple posing with Kevin Hart at the U.S. Open, and called Subban her "handsome date".

And last July, the two were featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated's Fashionable 50 issue, with the magazine referring to them as 'The Perfect Match'.

True to his word, that same month, Subban posted a hilarious photo of him wearing Vonn's swimsuit while celebrating the July 4th weekend. "I am definitely not getting married". "Karin's the one who was working really, really hard for me", P.K. said while laughing. "Then, on Christmas Day, I went home to see my family, and after brunch, I hopped on a plane to Denver, and then drove three hours to get to Vail in a snowstorm to see her".

"We're in such a busy time right now".

"We never talked about it or looked at rings", she says.

"We're enjoying our moment and we're not, you know, going to do some, like, insane surprise engagement any time soon", she explained.

Subban was drafted into the National Hockey League in 2007 by the Montreal Canadiens, and became a fan favorite for his performance on the ice, and off of it. "PK donated 10 MILLION dollars to the Montreal children's hospital and even though he hasn't played for this city in a few years he still comes back and continues to make a difference", Vonn said. After several years with the Predators, he was traded to the Devils this summer.



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