Far-right and antifa groups both claim victory at Portland

Multnomah County Sheriff's Office shows Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson on Friday Aug. 16 2019. Authorities arrested Gibson the leader of the right-wing group on the eve of a far-right rally that's expect

Enrique Tarrio, chairman of the "Proud Boys", escalated the long-running feud between white supremacists and Antifa, a loose coalition of Left-wing and anarchist groups, which has brought mayhem to the streets of a number of American cities.

The much-anticipated protest in Portland on Saturday, August 17, that was instigated by the Proud Boys, a national right-wing extremist group, dissipated with minimal engagement from counterprotesters.

In 2017, thousands of people skirmished in fights between pro-Trump groups and counterprotesters at a rally in Portland, following a stabbing on public transit train after a man reportedly harassed a woman wearing a hijab. Here's how Outlaw explained that decision this evening: "Shortly before noon, a group of demonstrators communicated to our liaisons that they wanted to leave the downtown area".

The charge against Gibson stems from his involvement in a violent clash in Portland on May 1, when far-right protesters arrived at Cider Riot, which was hosting an event that drew people who participated in demonstrations earlier in the day.

President Donald Trump has said the Portland situation is being closely watched by his administration, and indicated that naming antifa "an organisation of terror" was being considered.

Instead, Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins used the out-of-context snippet to cast the Proud Boys as victims of hammer wielding leftist protestors: "Antifa people are not getting hurt".

Police seized several weapons, including knives, metal and wood poles, chemical spray, and a stun gun, Outlaw said. "We do not want him here, in my city, period".

More than 1,000 people gathered in downtown Portland for the rally and counter-demonstration, according to police.

"Portland being a very progressive community is always going to be at or near ground zero of this battle".

"We are now confronting the reality that in the United States we have a rising white nationalist movement based on white supremacy in this country, and it is impacting the entire nation, and we certainly seeing it playing out in the streets in Portland".

But experts said it's hard to determine whether Antifa is a terrorist group.

Members of the local Rose City Antifa group are expected to mount a counter-demonstration in the city.

Members of the right-wing American Guard and Three Percenters have also said that they will attend.

Wheeler emphasized that there are hundreds of protests every year in Portland, and most don't get any attention.

Gibson claimed that authorities were trying to intimidate conservatives who planned to protest Saturday. "Hopefully the Mayor will be able to properly do his job", he added.



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