Elon Musk shares behind-the-scenes pics as SpaceX Starship aims for orbit

Elon Musk and NASA Strengthen Collaboration on Moon and Mars Colonization Projects

The stainless-steel SpaceX rocket will function the upper stage for the corporate's two-stage Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) spacecraft. Mr. Musk, 48, instructed his 27.7 million Twitter followers on Sunday (August 4) he'll share a Starship update in just some weeks.

SpaceX said once fully developed, Starship will launch from Kennedy Space Center and land vertically back on the Space Coast.

Last week, SpaceX launched a prototype named Starhopper on a short flight at its Boca Chico, Texas facility.

In a series of tweets, Musk shared the image of Elizabeth II wearing her iconic ensembles in the shades of red, yellow, purple and green. In a tweet discussing the presentation, Musk noted that SpaceX "should have Starship Mk1 with 3 Raptors nearly ready to fly by then".

Mr Musk tweeted: "Yes, detailed review of the first orbital Starship, explaining the pros and cons of each design decision".

The photographs show the undergoing meeting of the Starship together with its dome and airframe.

Currently, both Starship spacecraft is being developed by separate teams of SpaceX engineers. "Pics are of 9m dome rotation & Starship airframe behind windbreak", Musk said.

While SpaceX and space enthusiasts will be eagerly anticipating updates at the August 24 presentation, we now know that SpaceX is following its recent successful untethered Starhopper hop test with a higher flight.

Once completely assembled, the Starship Mk1 in Texas and Starship Mk 2 in Florida could one day fly humans to the Moon and Mars and beyond.

The launch system is made up of two parts: the 31-engine booster called Super Heavy and Starship - a cylindrical, futuristic looking vehicle that can carry payloads and possibly humans to places like the moon or Mars.

"This system is created to ultimately carry as many as 100 people on long-duration, interplanetary flights".



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